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Technology Integration Proposal

February 7, 2010

Our assignment was to pick an audience (other teachers, parents, administrators, etc.) and make a presentation in support of technology integration. I decided to personalize this as a proposal to integrate technology into the language arts curriculum at my school, via the creation of a new class.

I had a lot of fun, believe it or not, creating the actual slideshow – up until the point when I had to convert it into a Flash file. I had enormous amounts of trouble finding a convertor that did what I wanted, or that worked at all. SlideShare removed all animation, and I’d worked far too hard on great animation to stand for that. AuthorPoint LITE wouldn’t communicate with my PowerPoint software. Ultimately I used a trial download of PowerFlashPoint, which worked terrifically – it’s just too bad that it costs so much to buy the actual program. In fact, I liked PowerFlashPoint so much that I made three presentations for my juniors using it.

My presentation is published online here.