About Me

Kate in Wolf HatI’m an English teacher and a bibliovore. I’m fairly ambidextrous, except when it comes to writing and using chopsticks. I was born in the Year of the Metal Monkey, which seems like it should involve more headbanging than it does. I’m a low-level synesthete with usually-manageable sensory defensiveness. My best friend is my husband, which is usually dreadfully convenient unless I want to complain about my best friend or my husband. I’m a classically-trained and embarrassingly-rusted pianist, a saxophone-playing marching band enthusiast, and a mostly self-taught percussionist. I am Bronco Nation. My vices include chai, cute but comfortable shoes, used books, Samoas, and cotton afghans. I think I’m writing a novel. I wish I could sing, draw, and hold my own against Chuck Norris. My favorite dinosaur is the stegosaurus.

View a Roxio slideshow that touches on some aspects of my life.

Visit my personal blog if you want to get to know me better.

You might also be interested in my Ed-Tech portfolio website and my classroom website.


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