Educational Multimedia Video

MovieCamera_clipart This assignment proved much more difficult than I’d anticipated! The biggest challenge, as it turns out, is that none of our household computers were really up to the task of running video editing software.

The final product is not what I originally envisioned, but in the end I decided to take what I had accomplished and run with it. I had intended to add an introduction clip and a few voiceovers, but the file was getting prohibitively large and I already knew that I couldn’t make the deadline. (And this one wasn’t procrastination – I”ve been wrestling with this thing since Saturday!) File compression robbed the video of some of its video quality, especially on the text “slides,” but the content wasn’t affected.

Anyway, I can’t embed this video file into my blog, but I can provide you a link to BENEFITS OF MULTIMEDIA: A student perspective. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I’ve uploaded my video to TeacherTube. I’m attempting to embed it here; if it doesn’t show up, you can click straight through and check it out. I apparently made an error and cut my video with 3.5 minutes of nothingness at the end; there shouldn’t be anything after the reference list, so don’t sit around waiting for a zombie monkey to jump out at you or anything.

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One Comment on “Educational Multimedia Video”

  1. I love how you used the students to represent the importance of multimedia in education. No one can express it better than the students themselves. It is true that the students tend to zone out during a traditional lecture. The use of graphics or video engages the students on so many levels. Students who do not learn through auditory means seem to respond much better through the use of graphics. Students are more enthusiastic about projects when asked to create something on their own, especially when they know their peers will see their final project. The girls response to your question on what type of project they would rather do, was priceless. Your students were awesome. It was wonderful how they went out of their way to be video taped about this project. Best of luck!

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